Time to make yourself a priority

Time to make yourself a priority

Time to make yourself a priorityTime to make yourself a priority




With a background in Exercise to Music, Gym Instruction and as a keen runner, Sarah very much enjoyed these pursuits as a hobby job whilst working full time in marketing for a large Corporation in London. Once she gave up her full time job and moved to Hampshire to have her family, she starting attending Pilates classes to help relieve low back pain issues resulting from her two pregnancies. The results were impressive and Sarah not only found an effective way to manage her back but also a new found love of Pilates practise. Sarah has a special interest in the mind and body connection and is dedicated to understanding more about the huge potential that exists within us all for optimum health.



Originally a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor who enjoyed running, Sally found that attending regular Pilates classes helped to create real balance in her life. As she evolved her career and became a Sports Massage Therapist working alongside Physios and Neurophysios she began to see how Pilates could be an excellent tool not only in helping people rehabilitate after injury but also how valuable it was as a means of preventing further issues and ensuring better overall quality of life; over time, these beliefs have developed into a passion that inspires her each day.


Sally and Sarah

Sally and Sarah met ten years ago whilst teacher training and knew instantly that they were of like mind and spirit. Since then they have celebrated many Pilates achievements together which included experiencing a Pilates Retreat in Portugal in 2018 to celebrate a decade of friendship and Pilates together. They immediately knew they wanted to share the pure joy of a Pilates Retreat with their clients and ran their first Retreat together at Cuatre Finques in May 2019. They enjoy sharing their professional development together, attending regular courses and exploring their own Pilates potential through shared classes and private lessons. 


Professional Qualifications


Level 3 Advanced Body Control Pilates Instructors

Level 4 Low Back Pain Specialists 

Level 3 Bone Health (Osteoporosis)

Specialist training in Pre and Post Natal, Hip Replacements and Scoliosis

Pilates for Mental Health

Pilates for Golf 

Comprehensively trained in all small equipment including Foam Rollers, Magic Circles, Bands, Small Balls

Sally and Sarah are Supervising Teachers with the Body Control Pilates teacher training programme